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Adding details of AppStore Apps into a Publish website

I have a couple of apps that should be featured on this website. So why spend 10 minutes writing a Publish page, when I could spend 60 minutes automating the process?

This needs a plugin

So I made a plugin which fetches details about an AppStore app from an Apple API, and renders it in a Publish page or article.

I'm really bad at writing CSS, but even I can make it look like this:

Example rendered application details

Here's the Markdown source code for the /apps page:

> appstore 982783760 gb The train app for commuters!

_Nearly Departed_ was started in 2015, when the app I was using disappeared from the appstore,
and none of the alternatives felt quite right. Originally written in Objective C and UIKit, it
was re-written for iOS and watchOS using SwiftUI in 2021.

> appstore 1071725095 gb Alternative Unix man pages

_tl;dr pages_ is an app for displaying information from the tldr-pages project. This is a
community-driven set of help pages for Unix commands which are much more concise than the
traditional man-pages.
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First published 25 December 2021